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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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change comes toward the end of the week and it will affect your weekend. we've got that weekend forecast. and we have breaking news off the top of the live desk. chopper 4 is just arriving in waldorf where a teenager has been shot. sheriffs deputies tell us the teen was riding his bike on a trail when he was shot in the leg. that trail is near banister circle and alward drive. it is less than half a mile from eva turner elementary. investigators say they don't know what prompted the shooting. the tachbeenager is expected to recover. we'll keep on eye on this and bring you updates. back to you. we're also tracking those life-changing floods in south carolina. the rain is over. the danger is not. at least ten dams have failed and officials think the water is still coming up. 14 people have been killed in south carolina and more mandatory evacuations are possible. nbc's jay gray is live in columbia. jay, what are they telling
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residents there? >> reporter: hey, what they're telling i just because the sun is up, don't let your guard down. look, the sun is out, you're absolutely right about that, and this is the kind of mess that so many right now are being forced to deal with across the carol a carolinas. as this cleanup begins, there is a very real concern that more water could be on the way. finally, there's some sunshine in south carolina. giving many here their first chance to work through the overwhelming devastation floodwaters left behind. pulling away debris, piling up pieces of their homes and lives ravaged by the storm. the tireless effort of so many who lost so much. a reflection of the strength and determination in this battered community. >> we are resilient people. hopeful people. thank god we're caring folks. folks are coming together. >> all right. let's go. >> reporter: evidence of that, the skyhawks and highlanders.
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rival football teams that huddled together today in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods. >> trying to help out as best we can. >> reporter: in other communities the national guard is helping out as floodwaters continue to rise, testing dams and bridges across the region. >> the next 36 to 48 hours is going to be volatile. >> reporter: straining the city's already battered infrastructure. >> structural issues, our bridges, our dams, our roads. there's a lot of work that's got to be done. >> reporter: ironically, one of the biggest needs here continues to be water. with the city's water system compromised -- >> we need water. >> reporter: -- truck loads of bottled water are being moved in. >> i'll hand them one, all right? >> reporter: with the hope that all of this unwanted water will start to move out. but it could be a week or more before some of the rivers and creeks start to recede here. the cleanup and recovery, of course, is going to take much longer. and some of the hardest hit
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areas, a year or more. that's the latest live here in columbia, south carolina. i'm jay gray, pat, back to you. >> all right, thank you, jay. turning to storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. veroni veronica, the amount of rain they've gotten there in south carolina is truly remarkable. just how much are we talking about? >> it is amazing in the short period of time. one thing to see it like that, it's also another thing to see it from the view of satellite. that's exactly what we have for you. take a look at this animation over the last couple of days from nasa and japan's global precipitation measuring satellite. this is a composite here to show you that rainfall as it made its way in september 26th to october the 5th between the nor'easter and the top cam plume. see it from hurricane joaquin between the bahamas and bermuda. look at the rain coming into areas around south carolina. a lot of it. in terms of how much they picked up between that time period, the highest total, one isolated area
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around south carolina was 39.3 inches in that time between september 26th and october 5th. most places seeing close to 28 and about 38 inches of rainfall. even the bahamas picked up just over 27 inches of rainfall. historic. hopefully we don't see anything like that any time soon. just a couple of moments we'll tell you about our next chance of rain. doug will have that in a few minutes. right now in the district, police are looking into a brazen midday shooting that cost a young man his life. someone shot and killed a man as he walked to a corner store near 42nd and foot streets in northeast d.c. it's just a couple of blocks from the friendship public charter school. friends tell news 4 the victim is in his early 20s. police shut down several blocks in the area. at this point, no word on a possible motive. fairfax county police arrested a businessman from arlington and now he faces multiple charges for exposing himself in a shopping mall. detectives say alan jones was shopping at the jcpenneys in
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springfield town center monday. police say he was in the women's lingerie dressing room and exposed himself to a clerk while trying on some of the items. jones is also charged with a similar incident last month at the soma lingerie store in the same mall. investigators are asking anyone who's had encountered with jones to give them a call. nine, at least nine attacks on women in arlington since july. this afternoon, women who normally feel safe walking alone are taking extra precautions. the latest attack happened early saturday in rosslyn. the victim was pushed into some bushes and assaulted by a man who implied he had a knife. she got away. police say all nine attacks involved women walking alone under the influence of alcohol. >> reporter: i'm mark segraves in the district where today the d.c. council gave unanimous approval to may your bowser's plan to use private ambulances to transport low-priority patients to the hospital on
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case-by-case basis. now, there were some changes to mayor's proposal including a provision that would require the fire department and the third-party company that does the transports to file quarterly reports with the council about their transporting and how long each transport actually takes. there are questions that remain including a big question about how much all of this will cost. the fire chief says he still doesn't know. coming up at 5:00, we'll tell you how soon you could see these private ambulances actually showing up at your doorstep. you know, we're hearing some good news coming out of vermont where that train derailed and sent seven people to the hospital. the head of amtrak says everyone is now out of the hospital. passengers and crew included. right now heavy equipment is still there trying to clear the tracks. the train hit a rock and went off the tracks near roxbury. federal investigators are looking into the deraille, specifically focusing on how to keep it from happening again. >> i think as the governor says you can't completely prevent those kinds of things, but
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they'll make recommendations once they find out or confirm the reasons for this derailment of something that will help. >> service is still disrupted on that line. so trains leaving d.c. will stop in massachusetts and buses will then take them up the way to vermont. by the end of this month, 6 ,000 ,000 inmates will be granted early release across the country. the largest one-time release of federal prisoners in the justice department's history, all of them in an effort to reduce overcrowding and provide relief to nonviolent drug offenders. most of the released inmates will go to halfway houses or home confinement. we'll talk to a "washington post" reporter who broke the story coming up in about ten minutes. the question now, what went wrong? federal investigators are searching for answers in a disaster at sea. the legislation could change the game for families in the district. tom sherwood joins us to explain why our city could become the most generous in the country for paid leave.
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right now, federal investigators are on the ground in jacksonville, florida. the origin point of that missing cargo ship that sank during hurricane joaquin. the national transportation safety board will study debris from el faro and conduct interviews to try to find out what went wrong. the owners of the ship have said el faro left port before they knew joaquin would strengthen into a hurricane. family members of the crew say they're still holding out hope that their loved ones are alive. >> those are things that keep you alive. if there's a fight to be fought, he's fighting. >> the body of the crew member of the coast guard found over the weekend is still unidentified. the government is cracking down on unmanned drones. the faa is proposing a record
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fine for an aerial photography company. nearly $2 million for flying drones in some of the nation's most congested airspace. skypan international is accused of operating 65 unauthorized flights in new york and chicago over the past two years. 30 days to respond to the faa which calls the drone flights not just illegal but dangerous. it would be a perk like none anywhere else in the country. what d.c. is now considering doing for new moms and dads. and the justice department is about to do something it's never done before. why 6,000 inmates are getting out of prison early. and we've got sunshine over the next couple of days but i'm tracking a change that involves the weekend. see you in a minute.
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here are some of the stories we're working on right now at 4:15. an unprecedented prison release. the justice department is about to free 6 ,000 prisoners. let's explain what's behind the decision in five minutes. buckle up. it could be a bumpy ride driving on the loop between the american legion bridge, and it is a little more difficult. why transportation officials are blaming a new layer of asphalt a factory worker claims her $300 million jackpot. new this afternoon, what she did immediately after finding out she won. >> reporter: this is chris
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gordon in montgomery county which now has the toughest anti-pesticide law in the united states. >> 5214 is adopted on a 6-3 vote. >> reporter: today the montgomery county council voted to ban the use of pesticides on private lawns by january 1st, 2018. and it requires the montgomery county parks department to develop a plan to find alternatives to pesticides for athletic playing fields by 2020. this group of parents and children called safe grow montgomery, celebrated the victory. >> we are so happy because our kids have asthma and they want to just be able to step outside their front door and not have to worry about what they're breathing that day or if they're going to come into an asthma attack by someone's lawn pesticides. >> reporter: all new at 5:00, what lawn care professionals say they may have to do to stay in business. back to you. first at 4:00, a big move in the district today to dramatically boost the amount of
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paid sick leave that workers can earn. the d.c. council is now considering legislation that would provide up to 16 weeks of paid family leave far more than any other state in the country. tom sherwood was at the council hearing today and joins us with more on the impact. what kind of impact are we talking about here? >> pat, 16 paid weeks. that's a lot of time. usually most people have a few weeks of paid leave and then maybe more weeks of unpaid leave. this would be paid for, the employers in the city would have a 1% wage tax on all their workers in the city. and that money would be used to give people, employees, part-time and full-time, 16 weeks of paid leave. now, the supporters of this say this will give families a chance to deal with newborn babies, both fathers and mothers, to deal with illnesses in families, to deal with aging parents. they say this is -- it also would make the employees more loyal to the employers. so they say it's a good win across the board. >> it would make a lot of people
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happy, but what about businesses? how are they responding? >> the businesses have been nervous about a couple of laws. the city has one of the biggest minimum wages in the country. goes to $11.50 next summer. it just recently cut income taxes for workers which is a good thing because they'll spend the money. 34% for middle income workers in the city. but they say this paid leave, 16 weeks, will hurt their business competitiveness with maryland a and virginia and are just going to be fighting it. good thing to know whether you're for it or against it, there are going to be hearings and discussions about this and then votes maybe late this year, maybe early next year, before this even goes into effect. >> all right. tom sherwood. thank you, tom. and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> this is kind of the weather that everybody's been asking for. doug, we want fall-like weather, cool mornings and nice warm afternoons. well, that's exactly what we got across our area, but was it a
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little too cool this morning? look at the low temperatures when you woke up this morning. 50 degrees in d.c. 41 in frederick, maryland. 43 in manassas. look at laray. the first 30-degree temperature so far this season. 39 degrees this morning. yeah, it was on the cool side for sure. once the sun came up, it warmed up rapidly. right now, plenty of sunshine. current temperature of 76 degrees. nice calm winds. it's a beautiful, spectacular afternoon. 72 in gaithersburg. 39 to 72 near laray. a nice cool fall afternoon for you. we have color back toward the mountains as far as the leaves go. going to continue to see more of that in the next couple of weeks. excuse me. storm team 4 radar not showing anything on the radar as far as rain is concerned. it's going to be a dry week. up until the day on friday. we've got clear skies now. notice some cloud cover trying to move on in across our regior. a few high clouds.
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here's the big storm. this is the big storm that caused all that rain toward the carolinas. it is finally, finally moving offshore. for us it's going to mean drying conditions and we're going to stay on the nice side of things. tonight will be another cool night but not nearly as cool. we were 39 in laray last night. 51 in leesburg. 58 in gaithersburg. we have a little bit in the way of cloud cover coming on in. that will help keep things warm. with the high clouds streaming on in, mid to high level clouds. temperatures starting out around 68 at 8:00. 70 by noon. great day to get outside for lunch. 79 degrees by 4:00. 74 by 8:00 tomorrow night. 75 on thursday. 77 on friday. here's the change. friday into saturday a cold front comes flu. look at the numbers dropping big-time. veronica will have more on what friday night and saturday look like coming up in a few minutes. >> take care of that cough,
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doug. we're hearing from passengers aboard the americanairlines flight that had to make an emergency landing because the pilot died. flight was en route from phoenix to boston when the captain had an emergency. the co-pilot took control and made an emergency landing. passengers didn't know what was happening until after they landed. some are crediting the co-pilot for thinking fast, staying cool, and saving their lives. >> we landed, we didn't know the magnitude of what was going on. all we saw was the fire trucks, the ems. >> captain johnson had heart bypass surgery about nine years ago, and they think he had a heart attack on board. ahead on news 4 at 4:00, how would you like to have all of the benefits of a workout without the sweat? and the sole winner of a $300 million powerball jackpot has finally come forward. her reaction, priceless.
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she said she's still in disbelief, but today the sole winner of last week's $310 million powerball jackpot is claiming her prize. julie leech is from michigan. she was a third-shift worker at a fiberglass factory. she said she was in the middle of a bad night at work when she noticed the numbers and realized she'd won. well, a bad night that turned good. >> just got a lot better. >> yeah. she says she had her co-workers confirm it because she couldn't believe it and then she was out of the door. >> oh, i quit automatically.
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[ laughter ] i was done. >> no time to say good-bye. no two weeks' notice. she says her partner of 36 years, two of them have three children and 11 grandchildren. she says taking care of them will be her first priority. check out more of her very honest news conference today, search "lottery winner" in the nbc washington app. >> she put to rest that whole i'll keep working if i win the lottery. >> no way. well today the world changed for breakfast lovers. mcdonald's launched its all-day breakfast menu with a few notable exceptions. mcdonald's has been saying for years its restaurants were too busy and kitchens too small to serve burgers and mcmuffins at the same time. customers kept asking for it. finally the company gave in in an effort to boost sales. don't count on the full menu. the mcgriddles, big breakfast platters and cinnamon melts come off the table at 10:30. scientists in canada say
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they're on the verge of testing a so-called exercise pill on people. >> yeah, before you get your hopes up, they're also warning folks it's still no quick fix for losing weight. there's actually a few versions of these pills in development. but they all have compounds that mimic the effects of working out. like developing new blood vessels and boosting cell energy. researchers say it could be beneficial for people who physically cannot work out, but no pill can reproduce the full benefits of exercise. coming up on news 4:00, must-see video as a south carolina passenger does the unthinkable to rescue a casket that was floating away. plus, buckle up for a bumpy and slow ride. why last week's rain is still causing major slowdowns on the beltway. and rachel is back in the headlines. why rihanna is calling the woman who pretended to be black a hero.
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flooded rivers, broken dams, and a warning, don't let the sunshine fool you. the rain has stopped falling in south carolina but the threat to residents far from over. >> governor nikki haley says a lot of her state is still under water and the next 36 to 40 hours will be critical as floodwaters flow toward the coast. so far, at least 14 people have died, and at least 10 dams have either failed or collapsed entirely. about 75 miles of interstate 95 now still shut down. i'm meagan fitzgerald in
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southeast d.c., where a man was mauled by two pit bulls walking along this sidewalk. it happened 12:00 on the 1100 block of congress street. police taped off the area while animal control officials worked to tranquilize the two aggressive dogs before carrying them out to their van. police say the pit bulls somehow broke out of the backyard fence and attacked a man's feet and ankles for several minutes. police say the man was transported to the hospital. his condition at this point is unknown. coming up at 5:00, a detailed account of with what happened from a woman who says she saw it all. and i'm wendy at the live desk with some new information about a patient, that patient who died at the local hospital two days after an altercation with security guards. the man's name is james mcbride. he's from northwest d.c. he was 74 years old. mcbride died last week two days after an altercation with guards at medstar washington hospital center. the hospital center said yesterday mcbride tried to leave
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without being discharged and two guards are now on paid administrative leave. the hospital released a statement on behalf of the man's family this afternoon saying that "out of deep respect for their relative, our patient's family has asked that we share important details about him with the community." again "the patient was 74 years old, a loving husband to his wife of 40 years and a wonderful father to his son and daughter. the family is deeply saddened by his loss, and they will miss him." d.c. police are now investigating exactly what happened. pat? >> thanks, wendy. from bad weather to heavy traffic. commuting can be really tough on the beltway. >> yeah, all that rain that we got last week is stalling some of the asphalt repairs along 495 and that's creating a rough, bumpy ride for commuters. we're specifically looking at a stretch of the outer loop between the american legion bridge and mcclain. news 4's kristen wright explains
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what's going on. >> reporter: driver beware, and hold on. it's a bumpy ride on the outer loop of the beltway from the american legion bridge to tyson's. he just drove it. did you feel all the bumps today? >> yeah, like everywhere, especially coming from home to here. like the bump is so rough. >> reporter: it's a repaving project. vdot says they had to stop working because of the recent deluge of rain. while they finish up, rough road signs are posted. nana bengora is worried about her car. >> reporter: i don't want to catch a flat tire, stones, somehow when you drive on uneven pavement like that, you get rocks and little things that hit your car and get dents in your car. >> reporter: the rocky road isn't helping traffic. it was bad before and bad now as drivers try to get down on the unpaved lanes in one piece and on time. >> so many people stop there, takes me an hour just to come to work and i'm already late for
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work. >> reporter: vdot is working on finishing the project at night. it's going to take them about a week. in tyson's, news 4. >> vdot says the asphalt work will be done between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. to help minimize traffic delays. a lot of folks have been asking about the international space station and i have the answers for you. well, folks, take a look, international space station will make its pass over our area this evening. starting at about 7:16. so the sun sets at 6:44. watch it here after the sun sets. nice clear to mostly clear sky. look toward the southwest part of the sky, again, starting at 7:16. now, typically it lasts for about six, maybe sometimes eight minutes. this time it's only four minutes so it's not going to last very long but it will be fading in the northeastern sky. nice bright object making its way over. a bit cool to see or take the kids out to see it. look at this. clouds now, high clouds across western maryland.
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some of the high spots around i-95. those are advancing eastbound. i still think we're mostly clear and should be great viewing for the international space station. clear, mostly clear, and rather comfortable, too, if you plan to get outside and exercise. temperatures drop to the upper 60s by 7:00. 8:00, mid 60s again. those type of temperatures easy and comfortable after a gorgeous day. after that, rain chances go back up for the end of the week. friday, we'll talk about that rain, how much we're going to get out of that system in just a few minutes. republican presidential candidate marco rubio says the gun laws that have been the focus of the current political debate would not have prevented last week piece attack in oregon. instead, rubio says the nation needs to change focus to end the violence. >> and we have two issue in this country. one is mental illness which we need to address more seriously and not stigmatize it and set it aside. that's what we need to address in the society as a country.
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the other, why have we become so violent as individuals? >> the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows rubio tied for third in the republican race. presidential hopeful ben carson also weighing in on gun control during a question and answer session on facebook last night. when asked about the oregon shooting, carson noted that he'd lost cousins to gun violence and he operated on people who had been shot. then continued to write, "there's no doubt that this senseless violence is breathtaking, but i never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away." ♪ now to a story that i just put up on facebook. it's not hot talk but it is exploding on social media. it's not going well for rihanna. after she defended rachel dolezal, the white civil rights act vi activist who claimed she was black. rihanna did an interview and called dolezal a hero.
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troy johnson sheer with today's talk around town. rihanna said, look, you know, is it a horrible thing she pretended to be black? rachel dolezal changed people's perspective and woke them up. your listeners agree. >> listeners are not happy with rihanna right now. a lot of folks are conflicted because they do love her as an artist, she's a fashion icon, she's an outspoken person, but one person says that i spoke to today says that maybe she's gone too far today in a very blunt kind of way saying isn't she just a singer, why is she commenting on something like this? the pop star weighing in on one of these hot-button issues in america. specifically black america. and rachel dolezal's attempt to pretending to be black obviously was a big deal a few months ago. it's not something that rihanna is known to do, jump in on these controversial topics. maybe with the exception of the situation with domestic violence with chris brown. so her reaction to the "vanity fair" comments, folks were just -- they took issue with her calling rachel dolezal a hero.
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>> yeah, i put on my facebook page, i said, you know, look, i think people are a little hard on rihanna in that her opinion doesn't change any public policy. >> no. >> just an opinion. she was just commenting on something that happened. even if you don't agree with it -- >> absolutely, but it's funny, what i kind of heard from people was why are you making these kind of comments now it would be great if we knew that rihanna was making those kinds of statements in general along with all the other things that she does. now she chooses rachel dolezal to chime in on. >> i want to bring something up here. this story exploded on social media mostly due to black twitter. for folks who don't know, give us your spin on what that is, and the role it's playing in the larger context. >> and chris, it's something we've talked about here before. black twitter is the, basically the unofficial aggregator of news and culture on the internet as it relates to african-american culture. so black twitter has gone from everything from rihanna to the black lives matter movement, to
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bring back our girls, ferguson. even kind of firing the outrage over what paula deen said with some of her racial comments. so rihanna is the new target of those kinds of comments. this is an influential kind of group of people that makes viral statements, and, you know, some celebrities as a matter of fact have actually apologized after black twhitter kind of had thei way with them. >> troy johnson, that was hot talk, man. >> it was. >> maybe that was -- you can read more about what rihanna had to say about rachel dolezal on our nbc washington app. search "rihanna." after a high-profile gluten free makeover, general mills issues a major recall over cheerios. nearly 2 million boxes of them. and a killer is on the loose right now. a deadly superbug is spreading across the country. can doctors stop it? next on news 4
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some new information on that breaking news we brought you out of waldorf, maryland. a 17-year-old boy's been shot. the teenager is telling sheriffs two men walked up to him on a path near banister circle and alward drive. one on them was armed. they shot him in the leg and took off with his bike. the victim was able to run into the woods and flag down a school bus driver who called for help. meantime, some students at nearby eva elementary were told to shelter in place while all this was going on. a school says a letter is going
4:41 pm
to be sent home to parents explaining what happened. investigators say they don't know what prompted this but the teenager is expected to recover. if you have cheerios or honey nut cheerios in your pantry, be sure to check the label before pouring another bowl. nearly 2 million boxes have been recalled because they claim to be gluten free but they aren't. general mills says this is an isolated incident where wheat flour was accidentally mixed with oat flour at the facility in california. the company says it's, quote, embarrassed and sorry. customers are being offered a replacement box or a full refund. a deadly superbug is spreading aross t rossakrot thc country. researchers think it may be too late to stop it. antibiotic resistant, cre. it's shown up in seven cities including baltimore. it usually spreads in health care settings like clinics, hospitals and nursie ining home patients often carry it from one
4:42 pm
place to another. how the top commander of afghanistan is explaining an air strike on a hospital. a family watches the casket of a loved one float away during
4:43 pm
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we're working several developing stories in the newsroom right now. a young man is dead after someone shot him on the way to a corner store in the district.
4:45 pm
it happened near 42nd street and edison place in northeast. friends tell us the victim is in his early 20s. pat collins will have a live report from the scene in the next ten minutes. investigators with the national transportation safety board are in florida as they try to determine how a u.s. cargo ship, the el faro, sank in the middle of hurricane joaquin. no signs of life from the 33 crew members on the ship. an update on what the ntsb is doing this afternoon in our next hour as well. and we have a major commuting alert just in from the live desk. if you ride the blue of yellow lines in virginia, metro says you can hit some big delays on the way home this afternoon. crews found a track problem between braddock road and reagan national airport in the last hour, causing trains to single track between the stations. as of 4:00, the delays are up to 45 minutes and they could just get longer. we'll keep tracking this for you and let you know if things get
4:46 pm
any better or any worse. back to you. >> thanks, wendy. we're about to see how a big shift in our criminal justice system plays out. at the end of october, the justice department will set free about 6,000 inmates. it is the largest one-time release of federal prisoners and "washington post," and pulitzer prize winner, is reporting on the timing of that release. what went into this decision? >> one thing we should all realize is on november 1st, between october 28th and november 2nd, actually, it's not like the flood gates of federal prisons all over the country are going to open up and 6,000 prisoners are going to come out. what happened is the u.s. sentencing commission made a change in policy which required drug offenders who might be eligible for reduction in sentence to go before a judge, petition a judge, and if the judge thought they were not a public safety risk, the judge okayed their request. then what will happen in this time period, the end of october,
4:47 pm
beginning of november, is these inmates, 6,000-some inmates, will go to halfway houses first where they will undergo counseling and re-entry services and possibly help to get a job. then they will go to home confinement and then to probation. and supervised release. so it's not like they're just going to walk out of prison and into communities. >> yeah, because i know some of the critics including some federal prosecutors, some police officials, have raised his threat this threat in increase of crime because of this. >> right. what the sentencing commission did was say, look, we have a terrible problem of overcrowding in federal prisons. over 40% over capacity. and there's an afwreegreement r nationwide, drug sentences of the 1980s and 1990s, harsh drug sentences went too far. this was an attempt to say first of all let's reduce drug sentences for future drug
4:48 pm
offenders. then the commission made it retroactive. then they said we'll give the justice department a year to implement this big change and november 1st is when that year ends. >> and sari, when you look at this in combination with president obama's push for clemency with that criminal justice deform bill that was just introduced last week, are we changing the tone of how we talk about incarceration here in our country? >> we absolutely are changing the tone of how we talk about mass incarceration. there's a real national shift in drug-sentencing policy and criminal justice reform. last week in congress there was a group of senators that unveiled a bipartisan bill with the support from people like the koch brothers and the aclu, a conservative senator, grassley, and senators like leahy and durbin. you're seeing a bipartisan support coalescing around legislation on the hill. at the same time, the justice department under eric holder changed its charging policy and told federal prosecutors across the country do not charge low-level, nonviolent drug offenders with these severe
4:49 pm
charges that would lead to mandatory minimum sentences. and then, of course, at the white house, president obama has been giving clemency to certain nonviolent, low-level drug offenses that meet the criteria set out by the justice department. >> all right. pulitzer prize winning reporter from the "washington post," sari horowitz, thank you for your time, sari. >> thank you. and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> many of you have reached out to me on facebook saying you love today's warmth. we're going to have more of it this week. temperatures are are going to go up, then right back down just in time for some fall activities this weekend. evening planner forecast, we're at 76 degrees right now under clear sky. mostly clear, again, for your evening hours so pretty good viewing for the international space station, but look how cool it gets by 11:00. 61 degrees. still not quite as low. our temperatures by tomorrow morning, as where we started this morning. we started at 50 degrees. 40. 39 in le ray. here's a look at your future
4:50 pm
weather in terms of cloud cover for tomorrow. you'll remember it as a partly to mostly sunny type of day. we get more sunshine early in the day. clouds for the afternoon hours. there's the weather front coming through. it's a dry front for us, so no rain with the next one that comes in. thursday, we're quiet. we've got sunshine on tap. then watch what happens on friday. this is during the early morning hours on saturday -- on friday. 9:00 a.m., can't rule out a little isolated shower. during the afternoon hours, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, here come the showers, maybe even isolated thunder right through our area. 11:00, right now it's looking wet. even just past midnight, we still could see wet weather hanging on. impact forecast for tomorrow, really think that we're low. chilly morning, but sunshine, a lot of it for the afternoon. then the impact forecast for friday, we're low to moderate because of the rain. isolated thunder. doesn't look like we're going to get anything heavy with that system. tomorrow morning, not as cool. 48 to 58 is how we start. outlying areas, 48 in
4:51 pm
martinsburg. 56 degrees in fredericksburg. really nice as temperatures quickly warm throughout our area. with a lot of sunshine. here's a look at your four-day forecast. right through the weekend. friday, 79. then we're into the 60s this upcoming weekend. 65 to 70. it's breezy. the clouds could hold on saturday. we'll talk about that on news 4 atting a. the deadly attack at a hospital in afghanistan is slowly coming into focus. a lot of questions remain. >> the top american commander in afghanistan gave congress new details today about that attack and raised new questions about the timeline for american withdrawal. steve handelsman is live on capitol hill with the latest on th this. steve? >> hi, pat. thanks. the american four-star running the u.s. war is clearly opposed to the obama pullout timetable and is apologetic for the u.s. killing of civilians. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan told senators why it happened is not clear, but the air strikes that killed 22 at
4:52 pm
the hospital in kunduz on saturday were the fault of the american military. >> the decision to provide aerial fires was a u.s. decision. >> reporter: a mistake, said general john campbell. >> we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. >> reporter: president obama is demanding quick action from the pentagon, the white house said today, to prevent another mistake. >> to get the facts, to get this full accounting and to make sure that whatever changes are necessary are properly implemented. >> reporter: the tragedy came after the taliban took over kunduz, a disaster for the afghan government. 14 years after america invaded. and as the commander in chief is reassessing his plan to pull out. almost all of the 9,800 remaining u.s. forces by 2017. do not pull out, said john mccain. >> if we do what is presently planned to begin in three months from now, we will see the iraq movie again. >> reporter: the iraq movie, isis taking territory, u.s.-backed troops fleeing
4:53 pm
because republicans say u.s. forces left iraq too soon. now an afghanistan pullout, campbell opposes it. >> that decision was made in 2014. a lot has happened since then in transition. >> reporter: from syria to kabul, and almost none of it good. and isis with its brutality and its ability to recruit is said to be gaining a foot hold now in afghanistan. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, live from the hill. pat? >> thanks, steve. family feud to the max. why a millionaire's wife is making him sleep on the front lawn. wading through the water to honor the dead. a pastor's moving and dangerous decision.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
a bizarre domestic dispute is playing out in front of neighbors in suburban houston. a man says his wife forced him to live on the front lawn of their million-dollar home for six months. police say they've gotten dozens of calls from people worried about this man. he said his wife who's a doctor kicked him out. he says he won't get a divorce because he doesn't want to lose half of the house. >> he has no bathroom facilities. >> weather's starting to get colder. he's very frail. i'm afraid that he's going to die out here. >> that man's wife would not comment to our sister station in texas saying it's a private matter. some of the worst flooding in recent days is in south carolina, of course. in one town, it created an especially moving scene when a
4:57 pm
pastor braved the floodwaters to retrieve a casket for a grieving family. reporter matt alba was there. >> reporter: why are you going in to get him? >> somebody's family out there. that family's suffering. their family out there popped up out of the ground. i think it's the human thing to do. >> reporter: you're headed out right now? >> right this second. >> reporter: all right. be careful. >> reporter: wayne reeves is a pastor that new life ministries in somervilummersummerville and live tv the low country watched as reverend reeves waded through water to retrieve the vault of a woman who had only been buried back in may. >> this family don't want to sit out here on the edge of this road all night long watching their family member bob in the water out there. that's not who we are. if that was my mom or dad, i'd walk through hell or high water. >> reporter: family of the deceased and church members watched from the roadway, mixed feelings, disbelief and relief at the same time. >> i just said, lord, protect
4:58 pm
him, because i know there can be snakes out there or whatever have you, with the body being out there so long and the water rising since sunday. so, you know, we said, lord, cover him. he weren't afraid, so, you know, god sent him out there, you know, and very compassionate. she's actually my cousin. >> reporter: dorchester county sheriffs deputies received a second casket from the flooded scene soon after. family members say the two vaults belong to a husband and wife. >> i'm going to take a hot bath, wash a little bleach, it will take care of that. this family is already hurt. they already hurt enough. >> reporter: the cemetery here at the united methodist church has been flooded ever since it began raining last week. authorities from dorchester county say they're going to assess all of the flood damage when this water recedes sometime this week. news 4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. >> and now at 5:00, mauled in the street. >> pit bulls viciously attack while neighbors try to save a
4:59 pm
man begging for help. >> he was just screaming, like get them off me, get them off me. he was begging for the dude in the truck to hit him. he was asking for anybody, help me, get them off of me. >> this happened in a flash. witnesses say the man was walking when the two pit bulls escaped from a backyard fence and charged. >> they say the attack lasted for what seemed like minutes. tonight, the two dogs taken away while police try to figure out if they'll charge the owner. news 4's meagan fitzgerald has more now from southeast. >> reporter: neighbors say it was around 12:00 when they heard a man screaming for help. they say they looked outside, they saw him laying on this sidewalk here being attacked by two pit bulls. we spoke with a woman who saw it all happen. >> a lot of families live on the 1100 block of congress street. >> we have a lot of children on this block. >> reporter: which is why what happened here tuesday afternoon is so unsettling for neighbors. >> i was terrified. the only thing i could do was scream. >> reporter: d.c. police taped off part of the street after
5:00 pm
they say a man was walking on the sidewalk and was attacked by two pit bulls. it happened right outside her front yard. >> he was just screaming like get them off me, get them off of me. >> reporter: she says neighbors tried throwing bricks and doing what they could to get the dogs to run off but it didn't help. >> throw water at them, one guy got in his car, rode up on the curve. they wouldn't stop. >> reporter: when police arrived the victim was rushed to the hospital. police say his feet and lower legs are badly injured. the dogs were tranquilized and subdued before carried away from the scene by animal control officers. police believe the dogs somehow managed to escape from the backyard. while neighbors say they're thankful no one else was injured, they're still shaken up by an attack they say could have happened to them. >> we just never expected to see anything like that before. >> reporter: d.c. animal control officials say the pit bulls will be put to sleep. they tell us this is still an active and ongoing investigation, but it's likely


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